8 signs that you are pregnant, early pregnancy symptoms

Women may not know it in the early stages of pregnancy. New mothers who have never given birth lack experience and often have to wait until one month into pregnancy to find out. In fact, women need to pay attention to their body changes when preparing for pregnancy so that they can immediately find out the symptoms of pregnancy. These eight pregnancy symptoms can indicate that you are pregnant, but don’t use them to judge early pregnancy too accurately!

  8 signs you’re pregnant

  1. Breast pain

  In early pregnancy, you may feel breast tenderness, which can last for several days and may be different from menstruation. Stimulation of the mammary glands will increase your bust size and make breastfeeding easier after childbirth.

pregnancy symptoms
pregnancy symptoms

  2. Weakness in the limbs

  During pregnancy, sleepiness and weakness in the limbs are more severe. In the early stages, hormone levels fluctuate greatly, doubling every day. The body is more sensitive to these changes, consuming more energy and feeling low in spirits.

  3. Constipation

  As sex hormones change, digestive ability will be affected, resulting in constipation or diarrhea problems. This is related to personal eating habits.

  4. Mood swings

  After pregnancy, women’s emotions change greatly, and the transition between excitement and depression is rapid. This can be mentally exhausting and create an extra psychological burden, making women feel the changes in themselves acutely.

pregnancy symptoms
pregnancy symptoms

  5. Lower abdominal pain

  There is a dull pain in the lower abdomen. After the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, the endometrium will continue to thicken to support the growing embryo, causing discomfort in the uterus.

  6. Increased secretion

  When the fertilized egg implants, it will stimulate the endometrium, and the secretion will increase and bleeding will occur. The vaginal environment changes to acidic, which can protect the reproductive system. In particular, sexual intercourse and cleaning agents should be avoided.

  7. Fever

  There will be a slight increase in body temperature after pregnancy. Women who monitor their body temperature for a long time will know that this situation will continue for several months after pregnancy.

pregnancy symptoms
pregnancy symptoms

  8. Back pain

  Even if the embryo has not yet grown after pregnancy, back pain will occur. This is because the body secretes relaxin to prepare for opening the pelvis for childbirth.

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