Mothers who give birth naturally should know how to use force correctly during childbirth.

Naturally childbirth

Are you excited and nervous about the childbirth ? At this time, many expectant mothers do not know how to push during delivery. Some expectant mothers push nervously when they have uterine contractions. In fact, this will not only not help delivery, but will increase some risks. So how should expectant mothers push correctly during delivery?


Generally speaking, a normal labor process takes 12-16 hours. In other words, unless it is an emergency delivery, every expectant mother must maintain enough physical strength to deliver smoothly. Therefore, for expectant mothers who are about to give childbirth, they must learn how to use force correctly during delivery.

How to use force when lying on your back:

  Spread your legs wide, bend your knees, and bring your heels as close to your buttocks as possible. Raise your hands back and grab the railings at the head of the bed or the handles on both sides. First, take a full breath, and stop breathing while exhaling through your nose. After a few seconds, gradually exert force as if you are going to defecate or opening your anus. At this time, keep your lips tightly closed and do not let any air leak out until the end. It takes about 25 seconds from inhaling, exerting force to exhaling. To determine whether the method of exerting force is correct, just place your palm near your anus. When the method is correct, your palm will be pushed forward.

  How to use force when lying on your side:

  When lying on your side, bend the elbows under your body gently and place your palms next to your face. Put your feet together, bend your knees as much as possible, and hold your thighs above your body near your buttocks with your hands. You can also hold with both hands, but when lying on your side, the hands under your body will easily get tired. Do not bend your head too low, and do not arch your back to the extent that your eyes can see your navel.

First, inhale fully through your chest, and then do the same as lying on your back, pause for a few seconds, and then exert force. At this time, your back should be straight and not arched, and your buttocks should be pushed back to exert force. Bending your head too low or hugging your knees instead of your buttocks are both incorrect ways to use force.

  How to use force while lying on your back while holding your legs:

  Lift your legs, hold the inside of your knees with your hands from the outside, and bring your legs as close to the sides of your lower abdomen as possible, and open them fully. At this time, if your thighs are fully opened, it is better to say that you are holding your legs with your hands rather than holding your legs with your hands. Do not hold your hands together, but make fists separately, so that your legs can be fully opened. While exerting force, keep your chin close to your chest and open your legs as much as possible.

If your legs are not fully opened, but are instead pressed together, or if you exert force immediately after taking a full breath, and only your abdomen bulges, the effect of exerting force will naturally be poor. The lower jaw, which should be close to the chest, protrudes upward, or the force supporting the legs is stronger than the force holding the legs when exerting force, causing the hips to slide down, and this will not achieve a good effect.


  How to push after the cervix is ​​fully dilated:

  When your cervix is ​​fully dilated and the perineum is swollen, expectant mothers should use force correctly during uterine contractions to increase abdominal pressure, assist uterine contractions and promote delivery. Expectant mothers should take a breath during uterine contractions, close their throats, and hold their breath downwards as if they were defecating to increase abdominal pressure. This will increase intra-abdominal pressure and promote uterine contractions, which can speed up the delivery of the fetus. How to use force during intervals between uterine contractions. During intervals between uterine contractions, expectant mothers should rest quietly to restore their strength.

If abdominal pressure and uterine contractions are properly coordinate, the time it takes for the fetus to be deliver will be significantly shorten. However, if force is not use properly, it will not have the desire effect. For example, some expectant mothers scream and cry desperately. Which not only consumes physical energy and causes fatigue. But also leads to weak uterine contractions, affecting progress.


 How to push when the fetal head is very low:

  When the fetal head descends very low, it is appropriate to use abdominal pressure. At this time, the doctor will perform a routine check and instruct the expectant mother to use abdominal pressure. If the cervix is ​​not fully dilate, even if you have a strong feeling of defecation and must exert force. Do not exert force to avoid cervical edema. Affecting the progress of labor and fatigue in the late stage of delivery. You should open your mouth and breathe during contractions, relax your muscles, and do not hold your breath.

It is worth noting that how long abdominal pressure should be use depends on the specific situation. Mainly on the degree of descent of the fetal head. If the fetal head progresses slowly but the fetal head has been see at the vaginal opening, and the expectant mother uses abdominal pressure for a long time, up to 30 minutes or even 1 hour, then forceps or a fetal head vacuum extractor are use to assist delivery, and an episiotomy is perform on the expectant mother.

  In short, throughout the entire delivery process, as long as the expectant mother learns in advance, tries to relax. Cooperates with the doctor and midwife, she will be able to give birth smoothly.

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