For people who smoke regularly, what symptoms show their lungs


Smoking is harmful to health, but people don’t know how dangerous is smoke for health.

In the first few decades, people did not know the harm of smoking. The process of understanding a new thing is gradual. It was not until decades later that people found that the incidence of chronic lung diseases such as lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among smokers increased significantly, and then they gradually realized that smoking is harmful to the lungs.

Tobacco contains thousands of harmful substances and dozens of carcinogens. These substances are not only harmful to the lungs, but also have a great impact on the oral cavity, esophagus, gastrointestinal tract, bladder, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system from top to bottom. They can cause cancer in the corresponding parts of the body, and can also induce high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and even stroke.


When tobacco was first produced, in order to prove that tobacco was harmless, the company purchased many dogs from the market and put tubes on these dogs to force them to smoke. After a period of time, they found that the smoking dogs were still alive and kicking. As a result, the “theory that smoking is harmless” was vigorously promoted, causing many people to become addicted to cigarettes and unable to stop. However, this kind of experiment cannot withstand scrutiny because the observation time is too short and too limited. Just like the myopia surgery and minimally invasive lumbar disc surgery that people are pursuing now, these surgeries have not been around for a long time, and the consequences after 30 years cannot be predicted!


I have personally encountered many people who contracted serious heart and lung diseases due to smoking and had to give up. The most common words they said at this time was: “Oh, old friend (cigarettes), it’s finally time to say goodbye to you.” It’s time, although I’m reluctant to leave, but my body no longer allows it. Goodbye, old friend.”

It is very difficult to persuade people to quit smoking . Even though information is now highly circulated and knowledge has improved a lot, there are still many people who do not quite believe the statement “smoking is harmful to health”. Or they may just be unwilling to admit it and find a reason for themselves to continue smoking .

For people who smoke frequently, what symptoms indicate that their lungs have been seriously damaged?

First of all, we need to know that the lungs are composed of two parts: bronchi and alveoli . The pain sensation of the alveoli is very weak, and the bronchi are more susceptible to external stimulation and produce symptoms.

Bronchi and alveoli
Bronchi and alveoli

Symptoms of bronchial damage

1. Cough and/or expectoration: early and mid-term symptoms

People say that smokers are the most cruel to their lungs. They never let their lungs idle at any time. Every puff of smoke into the lungs increases the burden on the lungs, and the lungs work hard to expel these harmful substances. The main form of excretion is through spitting . Therefore, some old smokers often cough and spit . This is your lungs protecting you and working non-stop. If you don’t expel this phlegm, it will accumulate in the lungs over time, which will further damage the bronchi of the lungs, and may soon lead to chronic bronchitis, even emphysema, bullae, and even lung cancer.

2. Dyspnea: Late-stage symptom

When the disease develops to a certain stage, long-term chronic bronchitis will cause the bronchi to narrow , and you will feel difficulty in exhaling . At the beginning, you will feel short of breath when going uphill, climbing stairs, or climbing mountains. After a few years, you will feel short of breath when walking a little faster on a flat road. After a few more years, you will feel short of breath when taking a bath, brushing your teeth, or even sitting still.

The entire development process is very slow, and because it is so slow, it is very torturous. After someone suffers from COPD, they often say, “This disease makes it hard to live well, and hard to die. It is a luxury to want to take a breath.”

Right-sided bronchitis, bronchial stenosis, dyspnea
Right-sided bronchitis, bronchial stenosis, dyspnea

Symptoms caused by damage to lung tissue

Once the lung tissue is damaged, there will be no symptoms at first, because our lung tissue is particularly insensitive and slow. Only when the disease becomes more obvious and serious, some typical symptoms will appear, such as coughing and sputum. Blood, difficulty breathing, chest pain, fever, weight loss, hoarseness. When these symptoms appear, the lungs may have been seriously damage and lung cancer has formed, and some of them have reached the advanced stage.

If you experience these symptoms, please quit smoking immediately

  1. Long-term (more than two years) chronic cough and sputum
  2. Trouble breathing when climbing stairs or climbing mountains

Don’t wait until you develop blood in your sputum, persistent chest and back pain, unexplained weight loss, and unrelieved hoarseness before you discover that you have a serious lung disease. It will be too late to regret!

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